Thursday, February 12, 2015

We just got back from our annual trip to Disneyland.  Sadly that might've been the last one, it's just getting too difficult for the kids to miss that much school.  They're all still trying to get caught up.

So Jeremy decided to make this trip extra-special.  For starters, we flew instead of drove.  I'm all for that except for the part where Brody and Jace both puked as we were landing in California.  Unfortunately they were sitting by a stranger and she may have gotten a little backsplash.  Fortunately she was VERY kind and understanding.  I'm sure she was trying not to puke herself but she nicely offered to trade seats with me so I could hold the barf bags. 

We got to ride in a limousine from the airport to the hotel.  I'm pretty sure the kids found this even more exciting than Disneyland.  Thanks to the Steffensens for the idea, don't think it ever would've occurred to me otherwise.

We went for one day to Universal Studios.  I really enjoyed it (especially being able to drive right down Wisteria Lane) but the little kids were kind of ticked that there are only 7 rides there.  They don't yet appreciate all the other amazing stuff there is to see.

Disneyland was perfect, of course.  We were able to do everything we had wanted.  A couple times we had to split up, like when for some bizarre reason Brody wanted to go to the Disney Live on Stage show.  We let the older kids go on rides while we did that.  But mostly we were able to stay together.  It's fun not having to worry about height limits and splitting up for that reason.

The very best part of Disneyland was running into Zachary Levi, aka Chuck.  My kids are all obssessed with that show and were beside themselves to meet him and get pictures taken.  Zack might have even shed a tear or two.

At the end of the trip the limo took us back to the airport.  I made Brody and Jace take a Dramamine before flying this time, and they did fine.  I was ticked that Utah was so warm the whole week we were in California but I have to admit, it is glorious to come home to warm and sunny skies instead of ten feet of snow.

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The Steffensen's said...

Hahahaha! Brode: even Maci has outgrown Disney Live On Stage! You should add in the pics with Chuck.